"About once a month, one of my clients will tell me that they had 'the best sex' while at a hotel," sex therapist Amanda Pasciucco said. So what is it about hotel sex that makes it so hot?


42 attempts. 42 different notes in my phone. 42 continuous efforts to find the perfect thing to say.

I wanted to post a before and after so I could show you the severity of my eating disorder. However, at my lowest weight I was sick and at my highest weight I was more sick. A photo would not serve justice.

Playboy Article

Just was featured in Playboy magazine! I am honored to be featured right after the late Hugh Hefner's passing. 


MFTs and Medicare!


The new Netflix show, To The Bone, has been said to be triggering for those who have eating disorders. Anyone have any thoughts on how they could have made the show better?